September 11, 2023 Freedom Flag raising

Hannah Crawford students are asked to wear red, white, and blue on Monday, September 11 as we raise the Freedom  Flag in memory of the events that took place on 9/11 and honor the sacrifices of so many, including our first responders.  Thank you to 4th grade teachers,  Mr. Scott Tinnermeier and Mrs. Joy Etterlink, Hannah Crawford is the only Ohio school selected to receive this special honor.  Mr. Tinnermeir applied for this honor and was notified in the spring.  A a result, Mr. Tinnermeier received a metal piece from the World's Trade Center that has been on display, and will continue to be so throughout the school year.  It is located in one of the trophy cases in our cafetorium.  It is on display with the Freedom Flag and a picture showing the exact location of where the metal piece was located.  Hannah Crawford Elementary School students will learn more during an assembly Monday morning.  All Colonel Crawford students  will partcipate in the Freedom Flag raising ceremony on Monday morning.  

 You can find more information about the Freedom Flag below